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Michigan Renters Insurance

Michigan Renters Insurance

Protection for more than just your belongings.

Renters Insurance provides coverage your belongings including furniture, clothing, appliances, electronics in the event that they are damaged by a covered peril i.e. theft, fire, tornado etc. It also provides liability coverage for injuries, as well as legal fees if someone were to sue you. For an incredibly affordable premium (average of $185 per year in the US), you’re able to pick up a significant amount of coverage by purchasing a renters policy.

What does renters insurance cover?

Contents Coverage

Personal Property – also know as contents – is the coverage necessary to replace your items that are not permanently attached to your dwelling. Imagine taking your residence, turning it upside down, and shaking out all of your belongings. Your contents limit provides coverage for all of that stuff. With a renters policy, you’re able to estimate the total value of your belongings and decide what limit need on your policy.

Personal Liability

The liability portion of your renters insurance provides coverage should you be held accountable for property damage or bodily injury to another individual.

Scheduled Personal Property

If you have valuables, you can specifically name them on your renters policy as a scheduled item to make sure they are covered for their full amount rather than grouped in with your combined personal property limit.

Medical Payments

Medical payments provides your guests with coverage for immediate medical care if they were to suffer an injury in your home.

Additional Living Expense

Should your rental become uninhabitable for any reason – fire, damage, etc. – your renters insurance policy will cover the cost to stay in a hotel until you are able to move back into your rental.

Ways to save on renters insurance

Our goal is to find you the best coverage at the best price. Here are a few factors that will end up saving you money on your renters insurance policy.

  • Multi Policy
  • Central Station Alarm (Fire & Burglary)
  • Local fire alarm
  • Proximity to a fire department
  • Clean loss history
  • Non-smoker
  • Age of the dwelling
  • Your insurance score

Protect the important things in your life.

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