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Michigan RV Insurance

Michigan RV Insurance

Protection for when you’re on the road again. And again.

You’ve got your s’mores, your bikes, and bug spray in tow. Whether you use your RV to get away, or on a Full-Time usage basis, RV policies include most of the same coverage unless you reside in the RV for 6 month or more as your primary residence.

What protection are you paying for?


Collision provides coverage when you collide with another vehicle or object including curbs, posts, trees, pot holes and upset or rolling the vehicle. This is also an optional coverage but is required if you have a lease or a loan on your RV.


This is an optional coverage but required if you have a lease or loan on your RV. If Comprehensive is purchased and there were a loss, the repairs would be taken care of by the insurance company minus your deductible you chose to buy. If there is a total i.e. fire or theft, the vehicle would be settled on an ACV Actual Cash Value basis which is Replacement Cost minus depreciation minus your deductible or in more simple terms you can go to your local newspaper and see what others with a similar vehicle and miles is selling theirs for minus your deductible equals the settlement.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle for most everything except collision or upset of the vehicle.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist

Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist give you protection against those who are not carrying the mandated Michigan no-fault coverages, or don’t have sufficient limits to satisfy a claim. In fact, it’s reported that approximately 20% of Michigan drivers are driving with out insurance.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection will pay for all reasonable medical expenses and up to three years of wages subject to a maximum of 85% of your income with a maximum monthly cap of $5452 indexed yearly around each October 1st. It also provides for mileage for the trips to and from a doctors office, replacement services which is a person who steps in and replaces you to perform the services you would have performed had you not been injured i.e. cleaning, cooking, grass cutting etc. however there is a cap of $20 per day.

This is the where Michigan stands above and beyond all other states on its auto coverage. The medical benefits afforded by PIP Personal Injury Protection under the Michigan No Fault coverage is “LIFETIME”. Yes lifetime! This is why we have the highest auto premiums in the country. The second most generous state when it comes to medical benefits is the state of New York with $50,000, a mere pittance when we talk about severe injuries.

Property Damage Liability & Bodily Injury Liability

Available only for motorhomes, this coverage pays repairs for damages to other vehicles and medical costs for injuries to other drivers if you are sued by someone you seriously injure in your RV.

Medical Payments

You can pick the limit of coverage for medical payments that will cover immediate medical expenses for yourself or passengers within your motorhome.

Included Coverages

When you purchase collision & comprehensive coverages, the following are also included.

Emergency Expense

Should your travel plans suffer an interruption, this coverage pays for transportation and hotel expenses.

Unlimited accident forgiveness for small claims

Accidents that cost less than $500 won’t count against you.

Large accident forgiveness

Once you’ve had a policy for 4 years, and have stayed claim free for 3 of those years consecutively, you won’t see a premium increase from an accident costing more than $500.

Free fire department service charges

Provides coverage up to $1000 for calls to the fire department

Trailer coverage for your motorhome

Pays for physical damage to your trailer – on or off the road – up to the specified limit.

Mexico physical damage

Extends your physical damage coverage south of the border. (Not included in most policies).

Pet injury coverage

Coverage for injuries for your pets as a result of an accident- up to $1000.

Additional RV coverages available

Full coverage for belongings & personal items

Pays replacement cost rather than actual cash value for belongings up to $99,000.

RV Roadside assistance

Pays for towing if your recreational vehicle breaks down within 100 feet of a road

Disappearing deductible

Drops your deductible by 25% each year you don’t have a claim.

Vacation Liability

Pays for injuries at your vacation site up to a limit.

Full replacement coverage options

  • Full total loss replacement
  • Market value
  • Agreed Value
For full-timers

Full timer’s personal liability – Extended

Included when you add collision and comprehensive coverage to your RV insurance policy

Loss assessment

Provides coverage up to $5,000 for fines, charges, or assessments from an RV/HOA

Storage shed contents

Provides coverage for belongings stored on your property up to $5000 – at replacement cost.

Ways to save on RV insurance

Spend more on your travel adventures and less insuring the RV that gets you there. Here’s a few ways to save on your insurance.

  • Responsible driver
  • Claim free
  • Original owner
  • Pay in full
  • Paid on time
  • Multi-policy
  • Multi-policy
  • Safety course

Protect the important things in your life.

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